• SPIN: Please cancel all reservations at least 24 hours in advance to avoid full charge for the class. We realize that sometimes “life happens” so for each package purchased you are given one “grace” cancellation within 24 hours of class.
  • PILATES: Please give 24 hour notice before any pilates cancellations, class cards expire in 90 days so after that time you will not be able to use the expired classes.
  • Pilates packages expire 90 days from purchase date, NO EXCEPTIONS (except medical leaves which must be requested via email within a week of your first missed class due to injury.) We give you 2 weeks to skip classes due to sick kids, illness or just life happening! Unused classes that remain at the end of your 90- days serve as cancellations fees for holding your reservation past 2 cancellations.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding that our time is as valuable as yours.

    **Trio groups that lose one of the three therefore becoming a duo are honored with trio pricing for remainder of their current packages at which time you have the option of paying up to a duo to hold the time slot or switching to another trio time if a third person replacement cannot be found.  If you are paying a trio for a current duo due to scenario above and one of the two cancel, the class will be cancelled and either rescheduled at a mutually agreed upon time or the remaining person can hop into another trio class opening that week.  

    During holiday schedules since classes are scheduled based on your reservations ALL classes require 24 hours notice on cancellations (NO EXCEPTIONS) otherwise you will be charged for the class missed.
  • Please remove shoes when entering studio for pilates, we try to keep the pilates studio floor free from dirt & germs since we do lay on the floor for exercises
  • We realize that in this day in age everyone has people that need to get in touch with them at any given moment so when you bring your cell phones into the studio please respect your fellow classmates and if you need to take a call, please do so discreetly upstairs.
  • Please note we have restrooms available for your use but no shower facilities.
  • In case of inclement weather check the website for class cancellations before coming to class.